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Our Farm

Savitsky Farm is a family-run farm in centrally located Colchester, Connecticut.  Farmland since the 1700s, it has been in the Savitsky family since 1953, and is now run by the 2nd & 3rd generations who took it on in 1983.

Natural and sustainable methods are used in our fields to ensure that everything we grow is top quality while maintaining healthy soil so that we can continue to grow bountiful & nutritious produce year after year and future generations will be able to do the same.

We are known for our sweet corn, pumpkins, farm fresh eggs, and feed hay, but also take pride in having a wide-ranging variety of vegetables, fruits, canned goods & more is added each year.  In addition to providing our vegetables at our farm stand & the Colchester Farmers' Market, we supply a number of local schools, restaurants & stores.  We also run a CSA program each year.

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