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Go Farm to Table with Savitsky Farm's CSA!

WHAT IS A CSA? - There are many different definitions of what Community Supported Agriculture is and it basically comes down to a way for a consumer to purchase local, seasonal produce from a farmer in their community.  The farmer provides weekly "shares" of a variety of produce to each shareholder.  The share contents vary throughout the growing season as an everchanging variety of produce is available.  In most cases, the CSA member prepays for the full season, enabling the farmer to plan for the season, purchase seeds, repair/replace equipment, etc.  The CSA member shares in the excitement & risk that is growing vegetables; there can be good growing years for everything, bad years for cucumbers, great years for tomatoes, we never know what mother nature, nasty pests & diseases, & other factors are going to bring.

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? - There are many options for CSA shares in the area but at Savitsky Farm, where we grow a large number of vegetables, fruits, herbs, & edible flowers, with many different varieties among them.  We offer flexibility in the time you have to pick up your share (3 different days available).  Our large & everchanging variety throughout the season promises you a wonderful experience while eating healthy local produce, enjoying some of your favorites & trying new things as well, everything will be picked at peak freshness only a couple of hours or less before your pick up time not to mention our prices are the most competitive in the area. While other local CSA's supplement their harvest with produce from other farms,  We grow everything that we offer (except for blueberries)!  We will also offer additional items (add-ons) for sale whether it be from our farm, Cato Corner Cheese, blueberries from a local grower, honey from a local producer, etc.. Our friendly farmers & farm hands will be able to answer any questions that you may have about any of the produce, the farm, etc.

CROPS - We grow over 30 kinds of vegetables & fruits with hundreds of varieties among them and are adding more & more each year.  In a typical share in early June, you may receive mixed greens, radishes, kale, Swiss chard, spring turnips, cilantro, mustard greens, spinach, strawberries, chamomile & more.  In a typical share from the beginning of August (middle of the CSA season), you can expect a huge variety including, beets, basil, peppers, carrots, potatoes, green beans, sweet corn, tomatoes, onions, garlic, watermelon, edible flowers, summer squash, cucumbers, & more and in a typical October share, you might find lots of your summer favorites still, as well as, peppers, eggplant, turnips, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, winter squash, raspberries & more.

SHARE OPTIONS - For the 2020 season, which will run 20 weeks from June 10th through October 21 (bonus weeks may be available before & after).  We are only offering single shares this year.  If you love your veggies or have a large family and don't think a single share will suffice, add-ons can be added each week or you can choose what you'd like from our farm stand!

TRADITIONAL - the farmer chooses what you receive each week - a great option if you like trying new things and allows for a quick stop at the farm if you have a busy schedule ( your share will be ready in the farm stand)

MARKET STYLE - choose what you'd like each week from our farmstand! Some weeks may be open, where you can choose anything and some weeks, there may be options: choose 1 green from a variety of options, choose radishes or turnips, etc.


Sample shares from previous years:

Week 3 -  2 turnips, 1 bunch kale, 2 bunches garlic scapes, head Lollo Rosso lettuce,

                    1 bunch mustard greens, 1 bunch radishes

Week 10 -  6 ears sweet corn, 1 quart Kenebec potatoes, 6 heirloom tomatoes, 1 Walla

                      Walla onion, 4 jalapeños, 2 beets, 1 pint New Zealand spinach

Week 17 - 1 yellow watermelon, 2lbs. sweet potatoes, 1 bunch mustard greens, 1 garlic, 1   

                   bunch Swiss chard, 1 delicata winter squash, 1 bunch scallions


Single Share - $425

Open Half Season - choose the 10 weeks that best suit your schedule - $215

Payment can be made via Paypal, check or cash. 

To sign up or for more details please contact Savitsky Farm at or send us a message on Facebook.

**3/4 or Half Season Shares**

     Not available yet - if you don't want to commit to the Full Season, check back for more details.

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